Sundwiger Messingwerk

Innovative materials for strips and wires made of copper alloys

Metal prices

Status 24.07.2024 | LME OFFICIALS

9.018,50 USD/t
30.050,00 USD/t
2.033,00 USD/t
2.653,00 USD/t
15.650,00 USD/t
Exchange Rate

Other metals

Status 24.07.2024 | Source: Sundwiger-MW Published price

973,00 EUR/100kg
MS 63/37
799,00 EUR/100kg
BB40 / BD40
1.110,00 EUR/100kg
BB50 / BD50
1.135,00 EUR/100kg
BB60 / BD60
1.159,00 EUR/100kg
BB80 / BD80
1.209,00 EUR/100kg
NB12 / ND12
1.423,00 EUR/100kg
NB18 / ND18
1.499,00 EUR/100kg
BB01 / BD01
994,00 EUR/100kg
991,00 EUR/100kg
992,00 EUR/100kg
1.596,00 EUR/100kg

Sustainable solutions start at the beginning of the value chain

Sundwiger Messingwerk is a fully integrated manufacturer of high-quality copper alloys, which processed into technically sophisticated strip and wire products, reliably distributed to an international customer base. Our product portfolio ranges from bronze, nickel silver and low-alloyed copper-base alloys to heat treatable special alloys. For wires, we also offer wire products made of copper. Our technical advisors design material concepts in close cooperation with customers and partners.

Due to the diversity of possible applications, our products are represented in almost all industries. The main applications are in the automotive, electrical and telecommunications sectors.

Germany | China

Years of experience

Casting lines

Roll Stands

Our products

Due to the high diversity of possible applications, our products are represented almost in all industries. The main applications are in the automotive, electrical and telecommunications sectors.

Typical applications, sectors and characteristics

We offer special alloys that due to their special properties are use ideal in various applications.


Our Coils for connectors fulfil the high requirements in regards to temperature resistance and the spring bending limit. At the same time, sufficient conductivity is maintained.

Coils for lead frames

Our tapes for leadframe applications fulfil the high requirements for electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity.

Coils for electrical engineering

For the electrical engineering sector, we supply tapes with medium to high conductivity, depending on the requirements. The requirements for temperature resistance and mechanical properties are often negligible.

Coils for cups, keys and medals

For cups, keys and medals, we offer Coils that have good deep drawing properties and low texture in the later product. Our Coils for coins and medals have good punchability, mintability and polishability. Coils for keys also have good millability.

Committed to the tradition

More than 300 years of experience in the production and processing of non-ferrous metals build the foundation for the production of high-quality alloys for the customer requirements of the current and future. In the process, 6 strip casting lines and 3 rolling mills give us the necessary flexibility to realize quality and time schedule requirements.

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